Kiliaro Investor Relations

We’re on a mission to create the perfect home for your photos and videos. Stay informed with the latest news, attend webcasts, and follow Kiliaro’s journey towards planned listing in 2021.

Unlimited space in the cloud

Kiliaro has an extremely advanced cloud architecture that gives the service huge financial benefits – and room for scalable growth. For our customers this means a low fixed fee for unlimited storage they won’t find anywhere else.

The first social photo gallery app in the world

Kiliaro innovates photos sharing. Instead of using chat apps, now you can share photos directly from your photo gallery to your recipients photo gallery. Get all your photo sharing and comments in one place. Toggle automatic sharing and never miss a moment.



Ahead of the 2021 Annual Genereal Meeting


Elie Komo


Arian Bahrami

Founder, CTO

Peter Werme

Chaiman of the board

Johan Beijar

Board member

Johanna Sawalha

Board member

Henrik Tisell

Board member