Your memories, your friends.

However good your pictures, there’s not much your standard photo gallery on your device can do. It’s static. It’s boring. And it’s hard to achieve very much with it. But with Kiliaro a new generation photo gallery, you can change all that.


our showreel!



When sharing photos with someone, what if you no longer had to do it via applications like SMS texts, WhatsApp or Messenger? With Kiliaro, photos you share goes directly from your gallery to the recipient’s gallery. All presented nicely and organised in a photo feed.



What if you could choose some favourite contacts that you could share photos with automatically? For example, if you’re at a family gathering or on a trip with some friends. With Kiliaro, you don’t have to make time to select a bunch of photos and send them to a group of recipients manually. Kiliaro handles your photo sharing for you, automatically.

Share in

original format

The way we share photos today is often through different chat apps. These applications are not built to handle large file types like photos and videos, so image quality and sizes are reduced and video lengths are shortened. With Kiliaro, you share photos and videos in their original quality, size and length.

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The perfect home for your memories.

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100% integrity

and full control

Unlike many tech giants, Kiliaro doesn’t look over your files, target you with ads or sell your user info. Your content is entirely yours.



Kiliaro lets you take and keep however many photos you want without ever having to worry about running out of space again. You no longer need to delete photos to make room, back up to an external hard drive or buy expensive gigabytes of cloud storage.

The unbeatable


Kiliaro’s storage service comes at an easy and straightforward price never seen before. No-one else in the world offers anything like it. For only €2 per month you get unlimited space.