Store, organise and experience your memories

We’re here to help you
save, organise and experience
your photos and videos
in the best possible way.

Unlimited space

No more worries about running out of storage. Everything is safely and privately saved directly on your Kiliaro account, so you’re no longer limited by the space on your phone or computer.

Access from anywhere at anytime

You can access, manage and rediscover your memories from all your devices, anytime and anywhere.
Apps are available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and the Web.

Create & Share albums

Create albums of your memorable moments, share with friends and family or show in beautiful slideshows.

For only €2 per month you'll get...

Unlimited storage

We don’t sell gigabytes. Life is limitless; Kiliaro is limitless.

Original size

We never decrease file quality. Everything is stored for you in original size.


We don’t review your files, target ads or sell your user info. We claim no ownership of your content.


As soon as you shoot a new photo, it will be seamlessly uploaded in the background.

Free up space

Photos already backed up can easily be removed from your mobile's memory with one touch of a button.

Intelligent auto-organisation

All your photos and videos are automatically sorted in chronological order in the timeline view.


Create albums of memorable moments, share with friends and family or show in full-screen slideshows.


Support for folders so you can keep your current organisational structure.

Safe and secure

100% encryption and multi redundancy on different locations for maximum security.